Go Small Businesses Go!

26 08 2009


Here’s the deal, small businesses rock. They’re the foundation of our communities. Their owners serve on community boards and volunteer locally. Their success actually contributes to the velocity of money circulating around where we live. Without small businesses, “local” wouldn’t have value.

I’ve always been a huge fan of supporting local businesses. I grew up in Alaska, where supporting local is pretty much the best way to keep the local economy running. Alaska is practically it’s own island, or country otherwise. It’s not connected to the contiguous United States and because of that, Alaskans have truly discovered the value of supporting each other. Their motto is “Buy Alaska, and Keep the Change.”

So now that the economy has taken a dive into the deep end of the pool, supporting locally has become not only a trend, but a means necessary to survive. There’s even a national campaign right now sponsored by American Express and NBC Universal highlighting small businesses called “Shine A Light.” Here, you can nominate and endorse small businesses across the nation – granting incredible marketing opportunities and the chance to win $100,000. Diane Von Furstenberg, JJ Ramberg, and Ellen Degeneres are all judges deciding upon the three local business that succeed over the rest. Isn’t it awesome that innovation, community support and a dedication to customer service are fashionable values to uphold? Sure, they serve as the foundation for any successful business, but as I’m sure you’ve read on sites like Yelp, it isn’t always the case that businesses put these values on the front line.

I now live in Seattle and am so proud to say that we have our own version of “Buy Alaska, and Keep the Change.” City Stimulus has generated this same kind of enthusiasm in Seattle by marketing the importance of sustaining our local economy. Check out their Twitter page for updates on local events.

As I continue to blog, I hope to provide solutions for small business challenges and highlight stories about how these businesses succeed. As City Stimulus mentions, “sustainability is not just about the foods you eat— it’s about the social, cultural and economic success of our community.” Cheers to that!

Photo courtesy of City Stimulus.



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25 09 2009
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