The Ultimate Commitment: Employee Engagement.

1 09 2009


Via Twitter, I recently saw this movie trailer for the film, “Shine,” which highlights personal stories of entrepreneurship. And in these times, it’s helpful to acknowledge that as much as 90 percent of all new jobs are being created by small, entrepreneur-driven businesses. But hiring employees is not just about getting the work done to meet demand; employees too can drive business success if the company culture provides the opportunity.

There’s a reason why all these former employees started their own business, they had an idea of how to do it better. This also includes defining and supporting their own company culture. That’s why “employee engagement” is becoming the distinguishing success factor separating organizations that are thriving from those just barely surviving.

Employee engagement is defined as “the critical measure by which organizations are able to inspire and mobilize their people to accelerate reaching company objectives. Engaged employees are motivated to succeed, take pride in their company, are committed to the success of the enterprise and are extraordinary persuasive brand advocates.” Wouldn’t you want to go above and beyond for a company that allowed you to be an integral part of its success?

Here’s the deal, employee engagement is not as much about the employees as it is about the management. Managers with a vision to integrate employees into a shared vision and strategy for the company are best situated to engage their employees; they’re also the managers who understand that employees want and need to work to the best of their abilities. Engagement strategies beyond this premise simply strengthen and maintain the organizational structure of your business.

If the key success factors in an economic downturn are speed, flexibility and innovation, while remaining constantly in tune with customers’ needs, the challenge is to keep employees engaged, motivated, and focused on the right goals by fostering creativity at every level of the organization. Because managers set the tone of the company culture, managers need to provide employees with an understanding of the company’s current and long-term direction, as well their role in it. Employees should be encouraged to find new and better ways of working within a highly disciplined cost competitive approach.

There are a lot of resources for helping to determine the best way to engage employees. You could consider these eight key drivers of employee engagement, these ten-Cs of employee engagement, or this model of employee engagement. And you could consider company branding as the key to reputation management. Regardless, building your brand and creating a motivated company culture begins on the inside by boosting employee satisfaction and productivity with internal communications – employee engagement is simply the byproduct of this commitment.

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3 09 2009
Heidi Richards Mooney

Thanks for stopping by the WE magazine for Women site and mentioning the article by Dr. Anita Davis Defoe.

Great information!


Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher

14 10 2009
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