Prosperity Partnership: Economic Growth for the Central Puget Sound Region.

1 12 2009

I just learned about the Prosperity Partnership while catching up on a few Puget Sound Business Journal editions. If you live and/or work in Washington’s central Puget Sound Region, you should take note of this organization.

The Prosperity Partnership is a coalition of government, business, labor and community organizations from King, Kitsap, Pierce, and Snohomish counties dedicated to developing and implementing a common economic strategy. Their mission and economic strategy is to strengthen the long-term economic prosperity of the central Puget Sound region and create 100,000 new jobs. Sign me up, I’m interested!

Launched in July 2004, the Prosperity Partnership has grown to include over 300 organizations dedicated to further establishing a strong, globally-oriented and sustainable economic agenda for the region. This agenda is aimed at developing local prosperity, which the central Puget Sound region’s economic growth depends – based on six foundational principles. Because businesses locate where there is a high quality of life, good schools, efficient transportation, affordable housing, and supportive government policies – a coordinated effort like the Prosperity Partnership helps to promote new business, existing firm growth, and the region’s competitive stance among other similarly situated markets around the globe.

The organization has outlined six economic foundations of the economy that must be strengthened to keep the central Puget Sound region competitive – human resources, technology, access to capital, business climate, physical infrastructure, and quality of life and social capital. With a focus on rebuilding these cornerstones, the Prosperity Partnership has indicated its strategy of six Foundation Initiatives to grow the local economy:

  1. Education: Ensuring a vibrant, well-educated and adaptable workforce with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Technology Commercialization: Improving the movement of technological innovations from research institutions to the marketplace.
  3. New & Small Business Support: Nurturing entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  4. Tax Structure: Implement balanced, pro-competitive tax reforms.
  5. Transportation: Building an effective transportation system to support a world-class region.
  6. Social Capital and Quality of Life: Securing broad based prosperity in all parts of the region through a strong civic and nonprofit community.

Want to learn more or get involved?

As with any community, support is user generated. Help grow the central Puget Sound’s regional economy, learn what’s at stake, and support local business! …It’s ALWAYS time for business!

Photo courtesy of Prosperity Partnership.



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1 12 2009
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