Useful Sales Tax Blog.

8 12 2009

While researching information about the new reseller permits effective January 1, 2010 in Washington, I came across a useful sales tax blog. The Sales Tax Connection is a blog about sales tax issues around the globe; it also provides links to other applicable sites.

What I like about this blog is that it is approachable. Legal speak can often be confusing, and it can often be categorized as another language. But The Sales Tax Connection discusses interesting and relevant sales tax information (Federal,  State, and Local) in a digestible format.

Though, all the information may not concern your business particularly, it’s a good read regardless. I found their post on “Sales Tax Holidays” to be informative – sales tax holidays are state legislation passed events where the buying public doesn’t have to pay sales taxes on purchases normally subject to the State and sometimes Local sales tax. I’ve always wondered about tax-free retail sales, and now I know some of the issues surrounding their implementation.

Photo courtesy of The Elliot Schlissel New York Law Blog.



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