Best and Worst of Business in Washington 2009

31 12 2009

Practically every publication is coming out with best and worst lists for 2009. Heck, many came out a while ago when the year hadn’t ended yet. But with regard to business in Washington exclusively, I found Seattle Business Magazine’s “Best and Worst of Business 2009” list one of the more intriguing.

What I enjoyed most about this article is that it listed several newsworthy events that I wasn’t even aware of. Thus, it helps to have a publication like Seattle Business Magazine around to aggregate business oriented happenings that shape and influence our economy – happenings that may not have been illustrated in my regular go-to reading. And with a little hindsight and perspective, I can see how these events are indeed the best and worst of business in 2009 – at least for Washington. And as I say that, it’s amazing to think about how many of these events in Washington have shaped business globally as well.

Washington is lucky to have such strong stakeholders in major global industries. It is also lucky to have such strong support for locally operated small businesses and non-profits as well. And with all this success, we’re spoiled with the number of Washington based venture capital firms eager to support the next entrepreneurial idea. The Washington Business Journal even presents yearly awards to recognize the region’s best venture capital deals – based on size and significance — and the venture capital firms and individuals behind them. Entrepreneurialism is part of our culture.

So while the worst news story of 2009 was about the rising unemployment rates in Washington, it’s easy to recognize that there’s hope for a recovering economy. All the best business stories of 2009 are events that are sure to influence a turnaround – both in employment rates and outlook. Sure, not every segment will catch the rising tide – but adaptation is the name of the game. Evolution requires an awareness of opportunities ahead. And with the positive record that Washington holds for business success, with time and perseverance, the new year will hopefully bring out more “bests” than “worsts.”

Photo courtesy of Seattle Business Magazine.




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