Reuters: Small Business

2 02 2010

Part of what I find fun about researching content for my blog is finding hot spot resources for small business information. I recently stumbled upon Reuters’ Small Business section via clicking through a few article links and got lost in its treasure trove of information. Reuters recently launched its Small Business section in March 2009 with the goal to “provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to innovate and grow their businesses.” I think they’re doing a great job.

Reuters calls itself “the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.” And Reuters delivers; it offers an intellectual insight to breaking news on a number of topics, and it showcases what small business entrepreneurs and owners are actually thinking. I do enjoy reading the trending topics in the small business section of the Wall Street Journal; now I’ve got more information to pile on to my morning read.

But my favorite segment of Reuters Small Business is their “Small Business Resource Center,” which includes content by FindLaw. It’s a great aggregate of current small business material, with a legal perspective twist. And its broad content includes information on the following:

  • Starting a Business;
  • Incorporation and Legal Structures;
  • Employment Law and HR;
  • Finances and Taxes;
  • Insurance and Liability; and
  • Operations.

As many business owners know, legality finds its way into more issues than one can possibly muster. And because much of Reuters Small Business information is generated by FindLaw, I’m confident that this is a solid resource for answering small business legal questions – answers to which you also never knew you should know.

Enjoy the read.

Photo courtesy of Reuters.



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23 04 2010
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