Everyone Can Be a Celebrity

25 02 2010

I happened upon this “Ten Small Business Trends and Opportunities” list and smiled at number four: “Everyone can be a Celebrity.” There’s always a lot to discuss with regard to marketing and social media, but I like this perspective of thinking of yourself as a celebrity. Your personal brand has a lot to do with how you define your business and its success, why not promote it?

Afterall, your brand distinguishes your competitive advantage. It’s also the first impression you have with potential customers and the source of attachment you create with your current ones. More and more these days, transparency is key as search engines start to blend with social networks and status updates are made visible and accessible just about everywhere on the web. Your opinions and thoughts are what people want to hear, not just previous projects that get outdated really fast. For a jump start, check out these personal branding trends for 2010.

It’s still early in the new year and there are lots of opportunities to focus and refocus your marketing efforts. With a deeper understanding of your brand, you’ll likely have a more aligned view of where your business will stand out, and even better – succeed.

Photo courtesy of Elaine Fogel.



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