Social Networks and Baby Boomers

31 08 2010

I recently read this article, “Social Networks Are Not Just for the Young,” in The Chronicle of Philanthropy. What made me even more interested in the fact that people older than 50 years of age were using social networks, more than before, was how the article presented the information. The article closed out with the following:

“What does this mean for nonprofit groups? For groups that appeal to older supporters, it means that they can no longer assume that their supporters aren’t using social networks. For other organizations, it might be time to experiment with messages and conversations that are likely to engage older people—and to make sure that they aren’t using language tailored to young adults.”

Consider how this data is applied – such as in the nonprofit world. Reaching out to an organization’s membership requires a strategy beyond a simple e-mail here and there. Social networks provide the capability of having a presence where people already spend their time; why not engage your demographic in your cause at the same time?

Facebook continues to be the most visited site for social networking across the ages (see this great chart), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t discount the social media network suite of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With a tactical communication strategy that supports your goals, each medium can enhance your ability for reaching your demographic. What this Pew Internet & American Life Project survey presents is the opportunity available to organizations for revised marketing tactics and community engagement vehicles. Baby Boomers are just one demographic leaping into the mix, consider your target audience and capture their attention!

Photo courtesy of Netsocializing.