Introducing Business Lunch: Canal House

26 09 2011

I’ll admit, I’ve been away a bit. As I say to all bloggers (and blogging hopefuls), maintaining a blog is the biggest challenge to having one. Regardless, it feels good to be back. I have great ideas, I’ve been inspired by great minds, and I’m eager to share them with you.

In this post, I introduce ‘Business Lunch,’ a new category of posts as part of my blog. As with everyone, we’re all busy, but eager for information in a short format. This post series does that. I was inspired by a blogging series by the Canal House ladies who provide an almost daily dialogue on what they eat for lunch. My tastebuds not only flair upon knowing what Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton make for lunch each day, but my mind is continually impressed with their discipline to practice and hone their culinary craft. And that’s just it, the opportunity to finesse a strength is key.

So with this Business Lunch series, I’ll include frequent tidbits of information that apply to small business interests and business professionals in short form. (You might also be interested in my Spotlight on Business series highlighting the success strategies of noted businesses, stay tuned for new spotlights coming up.)

Like a fresh ripe tomato with a bit of mayonnaise on crusty bread, sometimes the most successful pairings work best in a simplistic form. Cheers to lunch and information sharing ahead.

Photo courtesy of the Canal House.



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