Business Lunch: Beans

28 09 2011

Beans. Last week PepsiCo announced that its participation with Enterprise EthioPEA (USAID press release), an initiative that aims to dramatically increase chickpea production in Ethiopia to improve both the economic and nutritional security in the country. PepsiCo also has a vested interest in the project that goes beyond just helping Ethiopians; the company wants more of a chickpea supply for its products, including its Sabra hummus product.

As PepsiCo receives relentless attacks for profiting on sugary drinks claimed to contribute to obesity in our country, it’s a no brainer that it decided to invest in a mutually beneficial initiative to improve its ‘healthy’ products revenue. This partnership improves the Ethiopian food inventory and agricultural practices while increasing PepsiCo’s short and long term financial goals.

Shrinking the scale and applying this program to small business, think of the mentorship and coaching opportunities between employers and employees. What’s the ‘chickpea solution’ to provide a mutually beneficial relationship that improves employee skill-sets and productivity while increasing revenue potential?

Photo courtesy of Daily Perricone.



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