Business Lunch: Food Wine

29 09 2011

Shouldn’t wine always go with food? That seems to be an obvious question, but wine is not always presented or produced with that goal in mind. Sure, varietal and terroir are important, but wine making for the express interest of pairing with specific food? Lettie Teague’s latest post in the Wall Street Journal, “The World’s Best Food Wines,” made me think twice about how to value wine. And it made me think even harder about valuing products and services sold by businesses.

The article talks about how Italian wines are bright with acidity and have an edge of bitterness, both complimentary with food. It also talks about the fact that the Italians make wines to go well with food. Drinking the wine with food is the end goal. I love this focus.

When I think of Italians drinking wine, I think of a Tuscan landscape with a family around a dinner table with wine. It’s a cultural mindset. Applying this to a business concept, is your business focused in the sense that it offers a product or service that fits naturally within your customers’ lifestyles? What are those lifestyles anyways, and are there any constraints against them? It’s a shift in thinking, but how much easier would it be to market your business if there was a seamless fit?

Photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.



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